SPINTSO Ref Watch Pro

SPINTSO Ref Watch Pro

  • £ 99.99

SPINTSO Ref Watch Pro - The smartest referee watch on the market!

It can be an ordinary watch, a stopwatch or a referee watch with four match timers.

Four time functions synchronize together in one window, in one referee watch.

How it works:

Before the start of a match, you can choose number of periods (1-10), minutes of playing time for each period and minutes for each period break (1-99 min and 1-60 in steps of 1 min).

When you start the match, all four time functions will automatically work together in one system.

The counting up and counting down watch will be started simultaneously when the referee starts the match.

The counting down watch will stop counting when stopping time and the counting up will continue counting.

When you stop the time, (e.g. injury or other serious break in play) the additional time watch will start counting until you press the start button again.

A vibrate alarm will also remind you every 10 seconds while time is stopped so you don't forget to start the watch again and when the period is ended. When the period ends the break time watch will automatic begin counting down break time to zero and a vibrate alarm will remind you to start next period.

Technical information:

Colour: Black/Grey
50 City World Time
12/24 hours Format
Stopwatch 1/100 s
20 Lap memory
Battery Power Indicator
Batteri 2032
Approx. battery life 1 year
Water resistance 5 bar/50M
Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
Size of case/ total weight: 48x40x14mm/68 g
1 year warranty from SPINTSO