SPINTSO Ref Watch 2X

SPINTSO Ref Watch 2X

  • £74.99

SPINTSO Ref Watch 2X has the same functions as the Ref Watch Pro but with a 20% smaller screen and a bip-sound instead of a vibrator!

The smartest referee watch on the market, now with advanced interval functions!

The watch has a smart interval function and is useful for all types of training (can be used by coaches/teachers). The watch has an ordinary watch mode, wake up function and a stopwatch (99 laps).

The watch has 3 different modes - referee mode, multi-training mode, ordinary watch with alarm function and bip-sound.

The settings and function for the referee mode is the same as for Ref Watch2S.  

Advanced interval training watch and stopwatch with 99 laps.

Settings for interval training mode:

Number of intervals (1-99)
Activity 1, Active Time (AT, hrs,min,sec)
Activity 2, Active Resting Time
(ART hrs,min,sec)
Resting time, RT (min, sec)

A bip-sound reminds you before every interval start/stop and when the last interval has finished.