SPINTSO Ref Watch 2S

SPINTSO Ref Watch 2S

  • £ 44.99
  • Save £ 15.00

SPINTSO Ref Watch 2S has the same functions as the Ref Watch Pro but with a 20% smaller screen and a bip-sound instead of a vibrator.

The smartest referee watch on the market, it also has an ordinary watch mode and wake-up function.

It can be an ordinary watch, a stopwatch or a referee watch with four match timers.

Settings for Referee Watch2S:

Number of periods (1-9)
Number of minutes for the period (1-99)
Number of minutes for the period break (1-99)

Four game watches work automatically together in one system during the match:

Count up (rolls all the time)
Count down (stops when you stop the watch)
Count of additional time (starts when you stop the match time)
Count of interval

A bip-sound reminds the referee of every start/stop.